Treason & punishment of Manuel Kantakouzenos

Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Manuel 17003'’s jailors, to please the emperor (as usual), blinded the prisoner; when he heard, he was angry, swore it was done against his will, but had to accept the situation, having no just way of punishing those responsible (:) Kinnamos 293.23-294.5
  • As Manuel 17003 was said to be much involved in treasonable acts, he first counselled him to stop, then, when he continued unchecked, he could bear it no longer and imprisoned him (:) ἀπειρημένοις ὡς ἐπίπαν ἐγχειροῦντι Kinnamos 293.19-23
Manuel Kantakouzenos, son of Ioannes Kantakouzenos and Maria Komnene (Manuel 17003)
  • Was said to be much involved in treason; he persisted despite counselling from Manuel 1, and was imprisoned; his jailors, to please Manuel 1, blinded him against imperial will, but were not punished, since no just penalty was available (:) Kinnamos 293.19-294.5