Rebuilding of Dorylaion

Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Built Dorylaion in 40 days, dug a ditch, populated and garrisoned it, then camped in areas round the Rhyndakos; after a brief rest he mustered his army, but found many had gone home against his orders; sent Ishaq 17001 to punish them (:) Kinnamos 297.17-298.1
  • Having sent Michael 17005 to Amaseia, he crossed the strait of Damalis (Bosporos) and went straight to Melangeia; he raised an army from places in Bithynia and Rhyndakos and went on to the plains of Dorylaion, where he resupplied the forts (:) Kinnamos 294.6-10
  • The resupplying of the forts of Dorylaion in peacetime encouraged the enemies of Kilic Arslan 52; the city was destroyed by the Turks and he rebuilt it on a much smaller scale, despite some Turkish opposition (:) Kinnamos 294.12-295.16