Brutality of Ishaq-Michael

Ishaq (later Michael), in service of Manuel I (Ishaq 17001)
  • Was sent by Manuel 1 to punish the many deserters from Dorylaion; he behaved brutally, blinding and maiming many, without explaining why or even checking that they were soldiers, and leaving them at the place of punishment (:) Kinnamos 297.21-298.18
  • His brutality was reported after Manuel 1 returned to Constantinople, and he stopped it; he nearly suffered the punishments he had meted out, but Manuel decided he would not re-offend against Byzantines and pardoned him (:) Kinnamos 298.18-299.1
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Went to Lampe and rebuilt Soublaion, a disused fort near the mouth of the Meander; after campaigning furiously he returned to Constantinople, where he heard of the brutality of Ishaq 17001, which he stopped but pardoned (:) Kinnamos 298.4-299.1