Praise of Manuel for defeating leaders of the Second Crusade

The arrival of the Second Crusade at Constantinople is often described as an attack, especially on the part of Conrad III, who is much more prominent in Byzantine texts that Louis VII. The attack was splendidly beaten off by Manuel I, almost without bloodshed, in contrast to the bloody battles around Ikonion in 1146 
Louis VII, king of France (Louis 101)
  • His arrival at Constantinople, seen as an attack, was splendidly beaten off by Manuel 1, who was generously thanked by the city for his care and determination; Louis is much less prominent in Manganeios' work than Conrad 53 (:) Manganeios Prodromos 24.1-284
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • The bloody battles around Ikonion were compared unfavourably to Manuel's almost bloodless "defeat" of the Second Crusade (:) Manganeios Prodromos 20.482-493