Tzetzes wrote to console Theodoros Kostomyres on the death of his father

The father of Theodoros Kostomyres died. The bad news was announced to Tzetzes by Ioannes the doctor just before a letter-carrier departed to go to Theodoros. He just had time to improvise an emotional and formulaic letter of consolation, for which he apologised at the end of the letter itself 
Kostomyres, father of Theodoros (Anonymus 1002)
  • His death was announced by Ioannes 512 to Ioannes 459, just as Anonymus 1003 was leaving; this gave Tzetzes just enough time to improvise an emotional letter of consolation to the deceased's son Theodoros 259 (:) Tzetzes, Letters 103.18-106.7
carrier of a letter from Tzetzes to Theodoros Kostomyres (Anonymus 1003)
Ioannes Tzetzes, man of letters (Ioannes 459)
  • He wrote a letter of consolation for Theodoros 259 over the death of Anonymus 1002, his father, using many standard phrases employed in such communications; he apologised for the haste in which his letter was written, but he heard of the death just at the moment Anonymus 1003 was about to leave (:) Tzetzes, Letters 103.20-106.7
Ioannes, doctor who told Tzetzes of the death of Kostomyres (Ioannes 512)
Theodoros Kostomyres (Theodoros 259)
  • He lost his father Anonymus 1002, and received a speedy letter of consolation from Ioannes 459; the letter was emotional and improvised, because Tzetzes learned about the death just as Anonymus 103 was leaving (:) Tzetzes, Letters 103.18-106.7