Elaborate (maybe imaginary) description of the humiliation of Reynaud & Toros in Manuel's camp

Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • When approached theatrically in Antioch by Renaud 17001 and an escort of monks, he on his dais would not see him; finally he agreed to oaths conceding all he wanted, including acceptance of a Greek patriarch (:) Kinnamos 182.11-183.13
Reynaud of Chatillon, prince of Antioch (Renaud 17001)
  • When his promises failed, he approached Manuel 1 in the city with bare head, arms and feet, escorted by monks, noose round neck and sword in hand; Manuel, on his high dais, still refused (:) Kinnamos 182.11-19
  • His escort of Latin monks, weeping, barefoot and bare-headed, pleaded for him, at first in vain; but Manuel 1 finally accepted oaths which gave him all he wanted, including acceptance of a Greek patriarch, in front of amazed envoys (:) Kinnamos 182.19-183.13