En route to Antioch, Fulk was diverted by Cecilia to rescue Pons

Fulk spent some time governing Jeusalem, but then was again summoned to Antioch to deal with a major Turkish invasion. However he was intercepted en route at Sidon by his half-sister Cecilia, who told him that 'Imad al-Din Zanki was besieging her husband Pons in the castle of Montferrand [it has been regarded as very unlikely that this was Zanki]. She demanded his intervention in a typically feminine way. He moved towards Montferrand to raise the siege, and the attackers withdrew 
Cecilia, daughter of Philip I of France, wife of Tancred of Hauteville and then of Pons of Tripoli (Cecilia 4001)
  • Interrupted northward journey of her half-brother Fulk 4001 at Sidon, pleading (in a typically feminine way) for him to rescue her husband Pons 4002 from Montferrand; this he did (: ) William of Tyre bk. 14, 6.15-30
Fulk V, count of Anjou, king of Jerusalem (Fulk 4001)
  • After a time administering Jerusalem, was again summoned to Antioch to face a major Turkish invasion; but at Sidon he was met by his sister Cecilia 4001, who told him that Zengi 4001 was besieging her husband Pons 4002 in castle of Montferrand (: ) William of Tyre bk. 14, 6.1-21
Pons, count of Tripoli (Pons 4002)
  • Was besieged in Montferrand by Zengi 4001, from where he was rescued by Fulk 4001, at the insistence of Cecilia 4001 (: ) William of Tyre bk. 14, 6.15-30
'Imad al-Din Zanki, atabeg of Mosul (Zengi 4001)
  • Besieged Pons 4002 in Montferrand, but returned to his own lands when he heard that Fulk 4001 was coming to raise the siege (: ) William of Tyre bk. 14, 6.15-30