Manuel & Isaakios Komnenos began military service while their father Ioannes was still alive

Manuel and Isaakios Komnenos, eldest sons of Ioannes Komnenos, began their military careers while their father was still alive 
Ioannes Komnenos, father of Alexios I (Ioannes 63)
  • He survived to see his sons Manuel 61 and Isaakios 61 follow him in his military career (:) Bryennios 87.4-6
Isaakios Komnenos, elder brother of Alexios I (Isaakios 61)
  • Followed in his elder brother (Manuel 61)'s steps (:) τοῖς τἀδελφοῦ κατὰ πόδας εἵπετο ἴχνεσιν Bryennios 87.7
Manuel Komnenos, eldest brother of Alexios I (Manuel 61)
  • Started learning about military matters and, eager to emulate his ancestors, strove to become worthy of them, followed by his brother Isaakios 61; this happened while his father Ioannes 63 was still alive (:) στρατεύειν τε ἤρξατο ... πατρὸς ἔτι τούτου περιόντος Bryennios 87.4-6