Chouroup repelled a Sicilian raid: 40 ships reached the Bosphoros but were beaten off

Roger II sent a fleet to attack Constantinople against impossible odds. After being beaten off, many ships fell into a Byzantine trap and were sunk, with their crews drowned or captured 
Chouroup, commander under Manuel I (Chouroup 17001)
  • Sent by the emperor Manuel 1 against diversionary raid by Sicilian fleet, he defeated most of it: but 40 ships got through for an ineffectual raid on Constantinople, and were beaten off from Damalis (:) Kinnamos 98.19-101.11
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Roger 17001 sent his fleet for a crazy attempt on Constantinople, but it was quite inadequate for the attack; they were easily beaten off by the Theotokos, then the Byzantine fleet trapped them, and many were captured and drowned (:) Prodromos, Historische Gedichte XXX.120-175
  • Sent Chouroup 17001 against a diversionary Sicilian raid; pressing the attack on Kerkyra with siege-ladders despite the losses, he captured the city but not its citadel; he was stopped from repeating a 16-year-oldÂ’'s bravado, but won the praise of his wife Eirene 66 (:) Kinnamos 98.19-100.3
Roger II, king of Sicily (Roger 17001)
  • He had sent his fleet on a hopeless raid to Constantinople, from which they were beaten off and many later sunk or captured (:) Prodromos, Historische Gedichte XXX.120-229
  • Hearing that the emperor Manuel 1 was delayed in Kerkyra, he sent the Sicilian fleet to create a diversion and force him to abandon the siege (:) Kinnamos 98.15-19