Kilic Arslan II, Toros & Yaghi-Basan captured many cities in the east

Kilic Arslan II, Seljuk sultan of Ikonion (Kilic Arslan 52)
  • Before the end of the Italian wars, he captured Pounoura and Sibyla; Alexios 17006 was sent against him and recaptured the cities (:) Kinnamos 176.5-11
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
Yaghi-Basan ibn Danishmend, amir of Cappadocia (Yaghi-Basan 17001)
  • Took Oinaion and PauraĆ« in Pontos; forced by Manuel 1 to abandon his anti-Byzantine expedition, he become a Byzantine ally (:) Kinnamos 176.7-12