Manuel insisted on triumphal entry to Antioch, supported by Latins, & stayed in the palace for 8 days

1159 April 12 
Aimery of Limoges, patriarch of Antioch (Aimery 101)
  • Met Manuel 1’'s triumphal entry into Antioch in full robes at the church of Hagios Petros, with his clergy carrying crosses and Gospels; onlookers were amazed (:) Kinnamos 187.18-22
Baldwin III, king of Jerusalem (Baldwin 53)
  • In Manuel 1’'s triumphal entry into Antioch, though a crowned king, he rode far behind Manuel with no royal insignia; onlookers were amazed (:) Kinnamos 188.1-2
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Stayed in Reynaud'’s palace in Antioch for eight days; during this time no legal processes went on except in Byzantine courts (:) Kinnamos 188.3-8
  • Insisted on a solemn entry to Antioch, refusing nervous pretexts that there might be a treacherous attack on him, on the grounds that the city’s leaders would be unarmed and on foot, leading his horse, while he would be well guarded (:) Kinnamos 186.17-187.9
  • Despite heavy clothing, he jumped on and off his horse at the church of Hagios Petros, met by the Latin patriarch (Anonymus 170500); Renaud 17001 and his aristocrats tended his horse on foot, with Baldwin 53 riding unmarked, far behind (:) Kinnamos 187.10-188.3
Reynaud of Chatillon, prince of Antioch (Renaud 17001)
  • In Manuel 1'’s triumphal entry into Antioch, he led Manuel’'s horse unarmed and on foot, with other aristocrats; onlookers were amazed (:) Kinnamos 187.22-188.1