Manuel met Kilic Arslan's envoys at Pylai, dismissed them & attacked immediately

Kilic Arslan II, Seljuk sultan of Ikonion (Kilic Arslan 52)
  • Suspicious of Shahan-Shah 17001 and Yaghi-Basan 17001 because of letters sent by Manuel 1 and feeling threatened, he gave up many cities, some recently won; he then requested pardon, taking responsibility to find and restore Byzantine prisoners (:) Kinnamos 200.4-12
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Wrote to Kilic Arslan 52'’s relations Shahan-Shah 17001 and Yaghi-Basan 17001, raising suspicions in the sultan’s mind against them (:) Kinnamos 199.22-200.6
  • Met Kilic Arslan 52'’s envoys at Pylai and found they had nothing to offer, so he threatened them with yet more devastation; from Augouste he crossed to Rhitzion, then on to Philadelphia, where he invaded Turkish territory (:) Kinnamos 194.6-18
  • Plundered Turkish lands as the Turkish envoys returned past Dorylaion unawares, causing Turkish leaders - who were incredulous - to mobilise, as they are grieved by loss of possessions; sent men to plunder ahead, then rejoined them (:) Kinnamos 194.18-195.9
Shahan-Shah, brother of Kilic Arslan II (Shahan-Shah 17001)
Yaghi-Basan ibn Danishmend, amir of Cappadocia (Yaghi-Basan 17001)