German attack on Ancona beaten off with the aid of Manuel's ally Aldruda Frangipane

Aldruda Frangipane, supporter of Manuel I at Ancona (Aldruda 17001)
  • Learning that Ancona was about to fall, she rushed to sustain the city from her own money, also mortgaging her children'¬ís property, raising a large sum; she increased morale, added her troops to the defenders and beat off the attackers (:) Kinnamos 288.19-289.9
  • Defeated the priestly general (Christian 17001) inflicting many losses and nearly capturing him, had he not escaped by running away; she then defeated the Venetians and returned to Ancona, acclaiming Manuel 1 (:) Kinnamos 289.8-13
Christian, bishop of Mainz (Christian 17001)
  • Commanded the Germans in an assault by land and sea on Ancona, with Venetian allies; after some time, the besieged began to run out of necessities, and the city was expected to fall (it was saved by Aldruda 17001) (:) Kinnamos 288.12-15
  • Was defeated by Aldruda 17001 who raised money, increased the numbers of troops, beat off the German army (nearly capturing him, had he not run away), and then turned on the Venetians (:) Kinnamos 288.19-289.13
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • His ally (Aldruda 17001) defended Ancona against an attack by Germans and Venetians, victoriously beat off the besiegers and returned to the city acclaiming him (:) Kinnamos 288.17-289.13