False accusation by "Hierotheos" & probably "Bagoas" against the deposed Kosmas II

"Hierotheos" and "Bagoas" were false names used in later documents for two of the harshest enemies of the deposed patriarch Kosmas II. So far from pitying him, as most did, they were not satisfied by his deposition, but tried to ensure that the judgement could never be overturned. Hierotheos smeared holy icons with honey and denounced Kosmas for defacing them with dung. This crude plan was detected and he was imprisoned. Bagoas, who had improved his villainous reputation by a hypocritical pretence to be devout and association with holy men, tried without success to support Hierotheos' accusation. He was then able to ensure that his life in prison was comfortable and his release swift. This created a presumption that he shared Hierotheos' guilt 
Bagoas (false name) (Anonymus 25048)
  • He had mended his damaged reputation to some extent by being visibly devout and by spending time around the palace with monks who had a good reputation for virtue, accused of greater hypocrisy than a chameleon (:) ὑπὲρ τὸν χαμαιλέοντα Basilakios, Orationes et epistulae 101.18-102.15
  • He denounced Kosmas 12 with Anonymus 25049; when his colleague was imprisoned for false accusation, he made his time in prison comfortable and ensured his early release, creating a presumption that he shared his guilt (:) Basilakios, Orationes et epistulae 92.3-4, 97.19-99.13
Hierotheos (false name) (Anonymus 25049)
  • He had been overjoyed at the downfall of Kosmas 12 while others felt some pity for the patriarch; afraid that Kosmas might have the judgement changed, he smeared holy icons with honey and accused him of defacing them with dung (:) Basilakios, Orationes et epistulae 92.1-96.23
  • He was caught and imprisoned; Anonymus 25049 ("Bagoas"), who had joined him in accusing Kosmas 12, made his prison life comfortable and ensured he was soon released, thus showing that he shared moral reponsibility for the plot (:) Basilakios, Orationes et epistulae 97.6-32
Kosmas II Attikos, patriarch of Constantinople (Kosmas 12)
  • His deposition provoked pity in many, but not in his harshest enemies: to prevent him from overturning the verdict, he was falsely charged by Anonymus 25049 and (probably) Anonymus 25048 with sacrilege for smearing dung on icons (:) Basilakios, Orationes et epistulae 92.1-110.12