After a Byzantine victory in a skirmish, Conrad was induced to cross to Asia

Conrad III's stay at Pikridion showed typical barbarian mood-swings. His aggressive behaviour was interpreted by some as an attack on the capital, but he was eventually pushed to cross to Damalis by Manuel's Cuman troops. He first sent an aggressive letter demanding the imperial dromon to cross the strait; when Manuel I replied in a derisive way he crossed on a wretched little rowing-boat. In fact the numbers needing to cross were so great that every boat, of every size and kind, had to be commandeered. Conrad was remanded to restore conquered lands to Byzantium. Manuel and the Byzantines breathed a sigh of relief at his departure. Manganeios Prodromos regarded this as a great victory won with the aid of the Theotokos, an almost bloodless victory very different from the bloody battles around Nicaea. It completed the victories over westerners begun by Alexios during the First Crusade and continued by Ioannes II at Antioch 
Conrad III Hohenstaufen, king of Germany (Conrad 53)
  • Before hearing of the German defeat he sent a threatening letter demanding the imperial dromon to cross the strait; when Manuel 1 replied in a derisive way he crossed on ‘a wretched little rowing-boat’, with a typical barbarian mood-swing (:) λεμβάδιον λυπρόν ... ὀλιγωρίας τινὸς βαρβαρικῆς ἐπειγούσης τὸν ἄνθρωπον ... Kinnamos 78.22-80.16
  • When he reached Constantinople, he was forced to cross to Asia, though he refused at first and camped (or not?) at Peraia, called Pikridion; all boats of every kind were commandeered to get the army across, because numbers were reminiscent of Xerxes' passage (:) Niketas Choniates, Historia 65.96-66.9
  • With his aggressive plans in ruins he marched on to Constantinople, crossed the bridge over the Borbyzes and Byzes, camping at Pikridion; he attacked the city, but was easily beaten by the troops of Manuel 1, and crossed the strait to Damalis (:) Manganeios Prodromos 20.297-336
  • His arrival at Constantinople, seen as an attack, was splendidly beaten off by Manuel 1, who was generously thanked by the city for his care and determination (:) Manganeios Prodromos 24.1-284
Emperor Manuel I Komnenos (Manuel 1)
  • Sent another sarcastic letter over the German defeat; later refused the German ruler Conrad 53 use of the imperial dromon to cross the Bosporos, ridiculing his demands and reminding him to restore conquered lands to Byzantium (:) Kinnamos 77.24-80.9
  • He and the Byzantines regarded the passing of Conrad 53 as a blessing; he again provided food for the French, but stationed troops to attack them, and may have colluded in local fraud, taking prepayment and providing little food, or none, or even poisoning it (:) Niketas Choniates, Historia 66.10-67.40
  • Having shown extreme patience as Conrad 53 marched towards Constantinople, when he made an attack on the capital from Pikridion Manuel had to set his Cuman soldiers on him and drive him over to Damalis - a mighty victory with the aid of the Theotokos (:) Manganeios Prodromos 20.312-336
  • The bloody battles around Ikonion were compared unfavourably to Manuel's almost bloodless "defeat" of the Second Crusade (:) Manganeios Prodromos 20.482-493
  • His grandfather Alexios 1 and his father Ioannes 2 (at Antioch) defeated the westerners, but left their victory wreaths incomplete; Manuel had now finished them off (:) Manganeios Prodromos 24.240-252